Architecture Biennale 2021


A tribute to Emilio Casalini’s passionate search for a territory where to live happily. 

Small glass sculptures conceived and created by Marina and Susanna Sent in the Murano workshop, reminiscent of the metropolis, the city, the village, the countryside, but also spaces dedicated to art, culture, architecture, design. 

Some are transparent and let the light pass through, others are opaque and colored, capturing and returning it in a veiled manner in a harmonious composition of workmanship and colors. 

They evoke places with a strong identity in balance with the territory. 


Cultural Designer 

Our Living Together 

Imagining a scenario in which every part of our social structure truly dialogues with the others, where everyone is aware of the mutual value and the value of reciprocity. Both as individuals and as a community. 

Relationships that create sustainable economy. What a beautiful word “economy”, oikonomia, from oikos-house and nomos-rules, the rules of the house, of that common house called territory in which we live and in which we all want one thing more than anything: to be happy. 

The vision of the whole to find one’s correct space. Where to realize the oikonomia of beauty. Weaving together what we have: attitudes, ways of living, knowledge, crafts. It’s all already in front of us, we just need to learn to connect it well. An economy of connections, of relationships. Everyone enriched by the value and contribution of the other. 

Culture that enhances tourism. Tourism that enhances culture. People and knowledge at the center. Craftsmanship, agriculture, enogastronomy, design, music: our knowledge blending in harmony and creating well-being. Industry without demons. 

To know in order to enhance. The social impact that is a true measure, not simulated or domesticated. Metropolises, cities, villages, towns, countrysides, mountains, and seas that have community and environment at their center. 

Complex systems whose complexity we should no longer fear. That hold together like in the design of a great architect. A “view from above” born from connections from below, like a satellite photo made up of infinite photos taken by us on the ground. Each with its own identity united to an overall vision. People who discover, know, understand, connect, consciously manage their own space. The management of complexity through harmony. 

Beauty as a metric for the harmony of complexity. 

A space imbued with suggestions, codified by the art of Marina and Susanna Sent, contaminated by the visions of Michele De Lucchi, delimited by the economic studies of Banca Ifis, daughters of dialectical osmosis with Giovanna Zabotti. 

A space to see each other again, to find each other, to start over.