Restoration of the statues of the virtues

In 2009 the Sent sisters took part in the Veneziani X Venezia initiative, promoted by the Venetian association Fondaco, so that they could contribute to safeguarding their city’s patrimony. Motivated by a desire to preserve a part of its artistic heritage, they decided to sponsor the restoration of the six statues of the virtues, which, until 2005, where positioned on the central balcony of the Doge’s palace overlooking St Mark’s Basin.

To celebrate the completion of the first restoration (the statue of Fortitude), the designers created a brooch in glass fusion inspired by the shape of the statue’s shield – another example of the Sent sisters’ ability to incorporate elements of history in modern objects.

“To capture this important moment we created a brooch inspired by the shield of the statue of Fortitude, the first to be restored.

This object was entirely handmade using the glass fusion technique, followed by a grinding process. This is why each brooch is a unique piece in terms of form and quality (as is each item we produce). We felt the desire to combine our pride in belonging to Venice with what we do every day, dedicating our way of expressing ourselves – the language of glass – to this wonderful city.

This experience has allowed us to find in historical shapes the inspiration to produce contemporary forms.”

Marina and Susanna Sent.